Smart Lock system

Smarter Hosting with Smart Locks

Automated guest management

Automated guest management

Hosts no longer have to manage distribution of physical keys or lock box codes with August’s fully-automated access system

Secure hosting

Secure hosting

August will automatically generate a custom personal entry code that’s valid at check-in until check-out. Keys can never be reused

Remote property management

Remote property management

Give digital keys to housekeepers, handymen or plumbers. Keys can be valid for set days and times or forever. Plus any key can be revoked at anytime!

How it works


After reservation

When guests reserve a Smart Lock-enabled property, they receive an email with detailed instructions based on the access method selected by the host. Any reservation changes or cancellations automatically change the access dates and times. Once the reservation ends, access to the property automatically ends.


Standout features

Universal voice compatibility
Tell Siri, Amazon Alexa, or the Google Assistant to control or check status of your front door.

Auto-Unlock knows when you arrive and unlocks the door as you approach so you never have to fumble for keys again.

Z-Wave Plus on board
Z-Wave Plus wireless technology integrates with the largest selection of home security systems.

How You'll Gain Peace of Mind with Expert Care for Your Property


Security features built in

Two-factor authentication
The Smart Lock products and services always use at least two factors of authentication to ensure the highest level of security.

Two-layer encryption
The Smart Lock uses Bluetooth Energy (BLE) technology encryption, as well as an additional encryption mode.

Lost phone feature
If you lose your phone, you can disable your mobile app and all virtual keys on any associated devices, at any time at

How You'll Benefit From a Fine Hotel Experience for Your Guests


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Free mobile app download
Lock and unlock your door right from the comfort of your smartphone.
Your phone or watch is your key - you don't have to worry about losing your keys again!


Download from App Store Download from Play Store


Smart Lock system is compatible with all smartphones equipped with Bluetooth 4.0

Compatible iOS Devices
Smart Lock system is compatible with newer phone models running iOS 11 or greater

Compatible Android Devices
Smart Lock system is compatible with most Android phones equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and running Android 8* or higher. We routinely test with phones from the major manufacturers, including Samsung, Google, and HTC.
In some cases on specific phones, the Android Bluetooth stack can get stuck in a bad state, and may need to be re-started by the user by turning bluetooth on and off

How to create an account

For Airbnb guests
1. Download and install the app. Use App Store for iPhone and Google Play for Android devices.
2. Open the August app and tap "I Received an Airbnb invite."
3. Link your Airbnb account by tapping "Connect To Airbnb."

For other guests
1. Download and install the app. Use App Store for iPhone and Google Play for Android devices.
2. Run the app and tap on "I Received a text message" button
3. Continue the process and please verify that your booking's phone number is the same as what is on your mobile app account.

Useful information

Be sure
✓ that you have cellphone coverage or a data plan. It's necessary to receive the automated email & text message with security code during setup of your account. We share their Airbnb property's Wi-Fi credentials ahead of time, enabling the guest to connect their phone to the residence's Wi-Fi at the door;
✓ that your phone is compatible with the app.

Don't hesitate
to contact us in case of any difficulties:
by phone or any messengers: +7 958 501 7016
by eMail: [email protected]
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